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Tripura Public Service Commission (TPSC) Exam Details

Tripura Public Service Commission (TPSC)

Tripura Public Service Commission Examinations - 2014

Public Service Commissions have a very important role which they have to play very efficiently and impartially. The framers of the Constitution of India very consciously and deliberately bestowed upon the Public Service Commission a constitutional status so as to guarantee an independent status to them insulated from all types of external pressures and thereby ensure that these Commissions are able to discharge their functions in a just, equitable and objective manner.

Functions of a Public Service Commissions are enumerated in the Article 320 of the Constitution of India. The functions of the Tripura Public Service Commission are also regulated by the Tripura Public Service commission (Exemption from Consultation) Regulations, 1972, framed by the Governor, Tripura as per proviso to Clause (3) of the Article 320.

The main functions of the TPSC are as follows:

i. To conduct examinations for appointment to various services of the State.
ii. To make direct recruitment to the Subordinate and Ministerial Services.
iii. Advice Government on principles to be followed in making appointments and promotions and transfers from one service to another service.
iv .Advice Government on all disciplinary matters affecting a person serving under the Government in a Civil capacity, including memorials or petitions relating to such matters.
v. To advice Government on any claim by or in respect of a person who is serving or has served under the Government in a Civil capacity, any cost incurred by him in defending legal proceedings instituted against him in respect of acts done or purporting to be done in the execution of his duty or any claim for award of a pension in respect of injuries sustained by a person while serving under the Government.
vi. To advise on any matter so referred to the Commission by the Governor.

Under Article 320 (1) of the Constitution of India, it is the duty of the State Public Service Commissions to conduct Examinations for appointments to the services of the State

Direct Recruitments are made by;
a. Both by Competitive Examinations and Personality Test.
b. Only by Competitive Examinations
c. Only by Interview.

a). Recruitment is made to the following services by both the Competitive Examinations and Personality Test.

Tripura Civil Service.
Tripura Police Service.
Tripura Forest Service.
Tripura Judicial Service.
Two years’ Ranger’s Course.
Sub-Inspector of Police.

b). Recruitment by only Competitive Examination include the following services.

Junior Grade Stenographer
Tripura Secretarial Service Grade-VI

c). Recruitment by Interview only

Recruitment by Interview only is made in case of other services/posts. However, when the number of candidates exceeds a certain limit in comparison to the number of posts, Screening Test is held for short-listing the candidates. The subject of the test is “General Knowledge and Current Affairs” bearing 100 marks.

Instructions to Candidate:

1. A candidate will not be allowed to appear in the examination unless he/she is in the possession of admission Certificate issued by the Commission. He/She should produce his/her admission Certificate to the Invigilator/Supervisor in the Examination Hall as and when asked for.

2. Candidates will be allowed seats marked with their Roll Nos. They should take their seats in the Examination Hall at least 15 (fifteen) minutes before the commencement of the Examination. In no case a candidate will be allowed to enter into the Examination Hall after 15(fifteen) minutes of the commencement of the examination. Candidates are not allowed to change their allotted seats unless permitted by the Supervisor.

3. Signal by ringing bell will be given 15(fifteen) minutes before the commencement of the examination, at the scheduled hour of the commencement of the examination, at the end of each hour after the commencement of the examination, 5(five) minutes before the closing time and finally at the closing time. In case of Paper on ‘General Knowledge and Current Affairs’ or ‘General Studies’ or ’General Ability Test’, Test Booklet will be distributed among the Candidates 3 (three) minutes before the commencement of the Examination. The candidate must stop writing or revising his/her answers on the signal of closing time. The candidate must not continue to revise his answers after expiry of the time allotted for the subject/paper. Any candidate, who is found doing so, will be penalised.

4. Candidates should remain in the Examination Hall during examination hours till the examination is over.

5. The candidate should not tear out leaf or leaves from his/her Answer book.

6. Candidates should bring their pens, Ball point pen, ink for use in the Examination Hall. Use of programmable Calculator is not permitted in the Examination Hall. But non-programmable ordinary Calculator may be used in the Examination in related papers only. In no case, use of sophisticated programmable Calculator is permitted. Geometry Box may be used where necessary. Log Table will be supplied by the Commission, if necessary.

7. Candidates should not carry into the Examination Hall or have in their possession, while under examination, any book (except the papers with books allowed in the Departmental Examination) notes, papers, writing, scribbling, or any other materials except the Admission Certificate and the writing materials mentioned at Sl. No. 6.

8. Admission to the Examination is provisional subject to verification of eligibility of the candidates on the basis of original certificates to be furnished by them as and when asked for by Commission.

9. Candidate should note that if at any stage after issue of the Admission Certificate they are found to be ineligible on any ground, their candidature will be cancelled without any further reference to them.

10. Candidates will be provided with Answer Book and also précis sheets/Graph paper/Loose sheets etc. where necessary by the Commission.

11. When Test Booklets are supplied , no separate sheet for rough work will be given to the candidates. Candidates may do rough work in the sheet(s) to be appended at the end of the Test Booklet.

12. Immediately on receipt of Answer Book/Answer Booklet, candidates should check that there are no unprinted pages, torn pages etc. in the Answer Book/Booklet. If there be any this may be brought to the notice of the Invigilator and get it replaced.

13. Candidates must write everything in his/her own hand in ink/Ball point pen. In no circumstances will he/she be allowed the help of a scribe to write answer for him/her Wooden pencil may be used for maps, mathematical drawing or rough works.

14. The Candidate must not write his/her roll number or name or anything else except the actual answers to the questions anywhere inside his/her answer book. If he/she does so he /she will be penalized.

15. If any correction is made in Roll number on the Answer Book/Booklet it must be initialed by the candidates concerned and the Invigilator.

16. As and when the Attendance sheets are produced before them the candidates must properly fill up and sign the attendance sheets in presence of the Invigilators and reply to the questions if any, put to them by the Invigilator.

17. The candidates must attempt questions in accordance with the directions on each question paper. If the questions are attempted in excess of the prescribed number, only the questions attempted first up to the prescribed number shall be valued and the remaining ignored.

18. A candidate must not write anything in the Admission Certificate/Question paper.

19. Candidate after completing their answers should remain seated until their Answer Book/Booklets are collected. They must not write or revise their answers after the expiry of allotted time.

20. A candidate must submit his/her Answer Book/Question Answer Booklet/Précis sheet/Graph papers etc. to the Invigilator before leaving the Examination Hall finally. In no case a candidate should take Question paper/Question Answer Booklet etc. outside the Examination Hall during the period of Examination.

21. No candidate shall leave the Examination Hall without prior permission of the Invigilator. No candidate will be allowed to leave the examination hall for lavatory purpose before completion of one hour of the examination. More over the candidates will also not be allowed to leave examination hall before half an hour of the closure of the examination for lavatory purpose.

22. If a candidate slips away from the toilet, he/she will not be allowed to re-enter the Examination Hall/Room.

23. Before going to the toilet, the candidate must close his/her Answer book.

24. Candidates must not attempt to impersonate or procure impersonation by any other person.

25. Candidates must not adopt any unfair means at the Examination Hall.If any candidate is expelled for a particular paper of the Examination by the concerned Supervisor, he/she will be debarred from appearing at the rest examination papers.

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Contact Address:

Tripura Public Service Commission,
Akhaura Road, Agartala,
Tripura - 799001.
Phone: 0381-232-5811, 0381-232-2255 (Website Cell)
Fax: 0381-232-3944
Email: secy-tpsc@nic.in
Website: www.tpsc.nic.in

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Tripura Public Service Commission (TPSC) Exam 2014

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